Therapeutic Massage for Shoulder – neck and back problems

Shoulder pains, pain in the upper or lower back, stiff neck muscles… a lot of people experience these kind of pains these days due to the way we all live and work. A lot of people have a desk job, or drive a car or have a job that is heavy on the back like nursing staff, cleaning helpers, builders… Or you experience so much stress that this will literally block your back and/or shoulder muscles. Leaving it like that, without loosen the muscles from time to time can give a lot of problems and pain complaints. Because I have so many clients with problems in that area I have decided to follow a course that focused specifically on this area of the body with techniques to losen muscle and pressure points in order to relief the tension and deal with the pain. This massage is shorter and cheaper than a full body, only 40 minutes. It will only focus on this area. I have booked many great results with former clients. I will in no way present myself as a physiotherapist. For structural issues you still are best advised to visit a doctor. But for the painfull discomforts as a result of your day to day activities, this massage will certainly help a lot.