Possitive Effects

To be touched gently and safely is one of the bare necessities of all people. A good massage will be beneficial for your health. In this sense, massage can be a contribution to the treatment of various complaints and can be supportive to a therapeutic process.

A massage works calming . With massage, touch is used to soothe and relax the body. It is claimed that 75% of the diseases are caused by stress. Massage Therapy will greatly reduce stress, it will also promote health. In addition, stress requires a lot of energy from the body. By reducing stress, more energy will be released. Moreover, you will become aware of a deeper and more relaxed breathing.

Massage has a positive influence on the sleep pattern . We all know that good health starts with a good night’s sleep. In the long term, massage will ensure that we can keep this state of relaxation longer.

A massage also works stimulating . Massage will get all the systems in your body back in full swing. Numerous functions will therefore be promoted, including digestion, muscles, blood circulation and so on. Nutrients and oxygen are better delivered to the body.



A massage works detoxifying . It improves digestion and it will help waste products to leave the body faster. Wastes that have settled on the muscles and attachments will also be removed by massaging. These then leave the body through urinating.



Massage has a beneficial effect on the entire musculature . The knuckles and other techniques will make the muscles supple. They expand and get a better blood circulation. Wastes that inevitably put themselves in the form of small nodules or accumulations on the muscles are removed by the massage and will leave the body through the natural path. That is why it is important to drink enough after the massage. During the massage, the masseur continually scans the body in areas where waste materials accumulate and try to remove them through kneading and frictions. Through the combination of different massage techniques, muscle aches, pain in the neck, headaches and shoulder pain and also certain types of back pain can be significantly reduced.

Massage is also good for skin . It makes the skin more elastic. Dead skin cells are removed, and certain techniques are used that can improve cellulite over time. There is also a considerable reduction of local fluid accumulations. No daily skincream can compete with this.

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