Zenmassages is located in Geel, a walking distance from the train/bus station.
It is located in a low traffic street, and there are 2 private parking spaces if you come by car. So you can be sure you can park your car in a safe way. In the cosy Massage room, located near the entrance of the house, you will feel at home right away. There is always a drink at your disposal. You will be massaged on a modern, soft electrically adjustable massage table. Read and see this table in action via this link. On the ceiling, right above the table there is a infrared plate that will produce a soft warm glow on your body. It does not produce light, only warmth. Also the massage oil is warmed up so it feels comforable when applied to you body. In the room I have AromaTherapy for a nice seasonal aroma. An optimal hygiëne is very important. The towels and massage bedding is changed and washed for every client. For an optimal hygiëne, it is very important that you shower before coming for a massage. In december ’22 we build a completely new room, close to the entry of the building. You don’t have to do any steps or stairs to get to this room. It is on the main floor.