Music Please

Listen below to my latest song.

As you have probably seen during your visit, there is a nice grand piano close to the entrance of the house. Since my childhood I play piano. I also create and produce music. I have experimented with different genres. I have recently started to produce music that is suitable to play during the massages. Relaxing, feel-good music that still has some character and power in it. I think this will give an extra dimension to your massage when you know that you can listen to my own music. Because I know best what feeling I want to put into a massage and this translates well to the music I create. I will be a lot of work but slow but surely all the music played here will be my own.

You can also listen or follow me on SoundCloud where you can find my songs too. Visit

As an example you can listen to the latest song I produced. I do update this regularly so feel free to come back anytime to have a listen.

Last song from May 24: called “Worth it?”.