I am Patrick, your masseur at your service.

I have made a real carriëre switch. From IT (server administrator) I have retrained myself into a massage therapist in 2016. I have done various courses. Not only main massage techniques for relaxation, but also a course on Samudra massage and especially for the treatment of back-, shoulder and neck pains. You can be assured you are “in good hands” with me. Numerous clients before you have stated that they are very satisfied with my massages. Every day I hear from clients that they have so much benefits from my massages. Not only during the massage, but also afterwards. On the review page you can read about former clients when they give their reviews. These positive reviews give me strength to give the best I can also for YOUR next massage.

During my studies I have come to the conclusion that you only can give the best to other people when you are feeling well in your own body as well. You can only give positivity when you feel positive yourself. You have probably read many times about your own body being the temple of your own hapiness, and that you should take care of it as a good family man to his family. I have understood this well. I eat healthy and do sports (yes my abs are real haha) and generally try to take care of myself.

I can speak English fluently. Don’t hesitate to book a massage if you don’t speak Flemisch/Dutch. We can speak English, no problem.

Follow me on facebook or instagram! If you want to communicate about a massage appointment, I would prefer to use phone, email or online booking as Facebook/Instagram messenger has been proven to be unreliable. I don’t always receive push notifications. If I don’t respond on facebook or Instagram, you know why.