Samudra or Lomi Lomi Massage

A wonderfull relaxing massage beneath an infrared warming plate.

The Samudra massage, unlike the relax -or zenmassage, will see the body as one whole part. With a traditional massage we will take care of the body parts one by one. First the back, shoulder, then the left leg etc. The Samudra massage will often get the whole body in a movement. I will go back and forth between top to bottom often in long, deep strokes using mainly the forearm. This makes a great difference in the “feel” of the massage. You can see the Samudra massage as a “deep relaxation” massage. It will move the muscles deep into the tissue but the long strokes over the whole body will make it feel very relaxing as well.

A Samudra massage will do wonders for people with stress, trauma’s, burn-outs, but it will release muscle tension as well due to the deep long strokes.

Because I often go from top to bottom around the complete body it would be very inconvenient to have a towel on top of you. So this massage is done without a towel. Also, a special cover is placed on the table so I can “glide” also under the body as well as over it. To keep you warm, there is a large infrared plate mounted on the ceiling above the table. This plate will constantly send warm waves of air on your body. This massage will deal with the whole body including back, shoulders, legs, glutes, groin and belly area. I have followed a course specifically for this massage in 2017.

This massage can now also be booked in 90 minutes with extra attention to legs, feet, groin and belly area and will end with a nice head/face massage.