Samudra Massage Extra

The Samudra massage will often get the whole body in a movement. I will go back and forth between top to bottom often in long, deep strokes using mainly the forearm. his massage will deal with the whole body including back, shoulders, legs, glutes, groin and belly area.

I do want to make following note towards men, simply because a lot of (new) customers ask questions about this:

Because I move over the whole body from “top to toe” in different speeds it will feel very sensual in certain moments. It is very likely that during the massage at certain moments, (also straight) men will get an erection. You cannot hide this when you lay on your back with no cover on your body. It is very important to know that I don’t mind that this happens, please do not feel uncomfortable or ashamed about it. I will always deal with this in a professional way. It would be a shame if you would not book this massage only for that reason. You would miss a lot. Let it go, don’t mind what’s going on “below” and just relax and enjoy.

Please note: I never tolerate any unwanted, intimate or sexual-oriented touches from you towards me during the massage. Let’s treat each other with respect.